The R.A.P Party

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It's a debate that has raged for years and rages still; whether or not Rap is Poetry or Poetry, Rap. We ain't concerned with this, we respect, cherish and are fans of both word-art-forms. We wish to share and showcase them at their meeting... Music. This is what the R.A.P Party is about. It is neither club night nor poetry reading, rave nor literary event. It feels like a lowkey house party where a few errant guests make beautiful speeches about why the Dj's selection is the shit.

It's what it is.


creative team

Inua Ellams — Founder, Curator & host of The R.A.P Party, Inua is a poet, playwright and polymath. More on him here.

Theresa Lola — Producer & Curator of The R.A.P Party, Theresa is a poet, slam champion and account. More on her here.  

Dj Sid Mercutio — Dj & Prankster & Sid is a musician, music-producer and supermalt enthusiast. More on him here.



The R.A.P Party began in 2010. Inua floated the idea of an event where "ten poets share a poem each and a Dj plays a few songs" to a friend, who said the idea was shit. Inua persisted, The Albany gave him space to experiment and the event sold out, to glowing reviews. There have been parties since at Southbank Centre, Rich Mix, Shoreditch House, Dublin International Literature Festival, Lagos International Poetry Festival, Cheltenham Literature Festival, Brighton Dome to name a few.

2017's Highlights includes an event to launch of the Africa Writes Festival in the main space of The British Library in London. 600 people showed up to listen to poetry and to dance to hip hop.



Would you like us to curate a R.A.P Party for your festival or venue? Want to know the tracks we played at the last R.A.P Party? Don't hesitate...

Inua, Theresa, Sid - photo by Myah Jeffers

Inua, Theresa, Sid - photo by Myah Jeffers

A truly fluid literary event not just mingling poetry and music together seamlessly, but also bringing different tribes of poets: ages, races, gender, styles together. You will be moved in your heart and in your head.
— Roger Robinson