The R.A.P Party
The R.A.P Party
No Clutter. No Fuss. Poems on Hip Hop. Hip Hop Songs.
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- There is nothing else like this -

.poetry. rap. music.



The R.A.P (Rhythm and Poetry) Party is the most unique, exhilarating, vibrant, live literature event anywhere in the world. Founded by Inua Ellams, it is a nostalgic, no-clutter, no-fuss, evening of poems inspired by hip-hop culture, paired with favourite hip-hop songs...

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A poet reads/performs a piece: a poem or short prose 'inspired' by any aspect of hip hop culture, after which  the Dj spins a couple of their favourite songs. The format is painfully simple but THE VIBE is where it's at...



And what exactly do you mean by "...a poem or short prose inspired by any aspect of hip hop culture..." you ask? I got you. Here are some fine examples...



The best R.A.P Party poems are written about aspects of the culture, but also in direct response to lines and lyrics from great rap songs. Whether you are a library, a school, a literature festival, we have stacks and stacks of writing workshops, ready to go... 


RAP Party is the kind of night you end up talking about all week at the office. No other night will give you the joy of a great party and the warmth of a poetry gig all at once. Music fiends and poetry lovers, you have found home.
— Caleb Femi