Writing in response

The best R.A.P Party poems are written about aspects of Hip Hop culture, but often respond to lines and lyrics from great rap songs. Whether you are a library, a school, a literature festival, from the corporate sector, or simply looking to inject some creativity into you life or work environment, we have stacks and stacks of writing exercises, songs to listen to and poems to read, ready to go. Our facilitators, Inua Ellams and Theresa Lola are well versed in contemporary and classic poetry traditions. They often draw parallels between rappers from golden age of hip hop and poets from the 18th century to create learning experiences that are truly cross-generational, and cater to a broad variety of tastes. Get in touch...

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I can’t believe no one thought about this before. Hip Hop and poems about Hip Hop back to back? Sweet!
— Hannah Barnet